Man’s Haircut for curly hair

Watch Man’s Haircut for curly hair on Prayogs

For the beginners, cutting hair could seem challenging when the hair is curly. You can use finger measurement technique for accuracy. Just measure 2 fingers straight out of the head around the ear and the nape (occipital bone) area, then progress to 3 fingers in the middle area, and finish with 3 open fingers on the top of the head. Cut the front hairline on forward direction; towards the face. Use scissors-over-the-comb technique for the hair around the hairline, above and behind he ears, and the sides of the head. Keep cross checking your haircut. Use hair trimmers (peanut clippers in this video) to clean the hair on the neck. This is a how-to instructional haircutting video for cosmetologists, barbers, beauty school students, salon professionals, and anyone who would like to do haircuts. This step-by-step video is a great help for beginners, who would like to learn the details of haircutting on curly hair. Video produced by BeautyHealthTravel Channel on YouTube.

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