HAIRCUT: Curly Hair Layers, scissor cut, blunt

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Step-by-step beginner haircutting class of how to cut curly hair. Curly hair is a little tricky to cut, so watch to learn how to cut it. First do a client consultation and ask how she wears the hair to determine how to cut it: wet and curly, or dry and straightened. You must know that curly hair ends mold together when wet, and when they it is dry and the ends are not trimmed, it will get frizzy. Learn how to cut it so it would have less frizz. Blunt cut is the best way to cut curly hair. Ask if the client wants volume or not. Learn about how and where does curly hair break.
Determine the amount of hair to be cut. Mind the breakage around the hairline and don’t use it as a guideline, bring down a substantial amount of hair from the back of the head to cut the first guideline on zero degree elevation. Bend the head forward and cut an inch and a half. Show the client how much you are cutting. Curly hair will curl up your fingers, so learn how to cut it and how to see the guide. Find out if thinning curly hair is a good option; blunt cut works better. Use larger comb to have more control over the hair and sections and to save time.
To find the natural part of the hair, comb the hair back and gently push it forward with our hand; the natural guideline will be where it separates after the hair is pushed forward. Establish a second guideline based on the natural hairline, on the top of the hair and blend it with the bottom guideline.
Leave substantial amount of hair down around the client’s ears to avoid holes and to have a solid line for the sides. This is very important for curly hair and/or any hair that is less dense around the ears. Layer the front hair by bringing it to the side and carefully cut the ends.
Learn about curly hair characteristics, what product to use (Infusium 23 leave-in-conditioner and porosity controll), blunt cut versus point cutting and thinning/texturizing for curly hair, slide cutting, and how to section curly hair.
This video is a free how to cut curly hair class for cosmetologists, barbers, beauty school students, salon professionals, hairdressers, educators to continuously educate themselves to learn haircutting and keep earning money by doing what they love. Instructor: M. Lahham, Model: Molly Zimmerman, video by BeautyHealthTravel Channel.

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