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This episode of Sensual Sessions is about unearthing the sexiness of curly hair. Too often we feel in order to showoff our maturity and femininity the result is a straighter, sleeker look. Dissatisfied with this cultural norm, I sought out the expertise of Shai Amiel of Capella Salon to help me uncover the sex in my tresses :).

I learned my best curly hair is the one with the biggest potential :). I think after this visit I may consider no longer chemically texturizing my hair, in order to gain even more body but we shall see because I really do love it as is. Let me know how your sensual journey is going!

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When I hear the term “sensual hair” automatically my mind thinnks: straight, sleek and pressed. This clearly serves as a problem for me though since my hair is pretty much anything but. I was watching recent videos of myself and realized that I had been trying to solve this issue by flattening and removing all frizz from my hair. And although the result was sleeker, it lacked sex and sexiness.

So my first step towards my sensual self was finding a hairstyle that celebrated my unqie femininity. And because I had to fix a few things including my perception I decided I needed more than a hair dresser, I needed a doctor. Capella Salon is located in North LA and it employs many professional stylists and colorists but today I came to see the owner, the curl doctor, Shai Amel. With decades of experience cutting, shaping and healing coils and curls I knew if anyone knew how to get the best out of my hair it was this man. I fell in love with Shai almost upon meeting and here’s why

Sign me up! In our initial consultation I was told two things, One: Two:

Shai has a very special way of cutting curls but I will let him do the explaining

After my treatment I had my hair diffused then we went and did a bit more trimming. We didn’t color my extensions just yet but here is the result of the new cut.

After I left the salon I took more than a new appreciation for fab fluffy hair I also took some tips. 1) dry your hair with a cotton shirt and never a towel. 2) apply product immediately after the shower while your hair is wet. So at this point the product is already in my hair. Now these products are not reccommended by Shai but they are what I have been using and enjoying of late.

Next I blow dried my hair and began the technique I was taught of seperating defined and dry curls to add volume. So this is how my hair looks before adding my colored extensions. Shai used a mix of techniques from highlighting to ombre and used four different colors to give the curls dimension and shine. You will notice when they are in my hair how the color makes its greatest impact by giving my curls enhanced definition rather than overt color

And in the end there we have it. I didn’t stray too far from my preferred style but rather chose a cut and color that accentuated the playfulness of my hair pattern. I felt hot and really enjoyed the extra volume and effortlessness of the look. In the end my hair is making me feel truly sensual and as Shai puts it

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