How to get Gorgeous Curly Hair- (with a pencil!)

Watch How to get Gorgeous Curly Hair- (with a pencil!) on Prayogs

On request from the many who asked me how I achieve this look, well here it is! 🙂

5 Most asked questions:

1.How long did this take you? I have very thick and long hair, this took me roughly 1.5-2hrs.

2.Do you have to use the foil? No, thats optional. it just helps distribute heat evenly.

3.Will this method damage my hair? When applying any sort of heat to the hair, I recommend putting on a heat protecting solution, as any heat to the hair is not that great for your hair especially if you frequently apply heat to your hair on a daily basis. When washing the hair, to prevent knots and tangles, use a good bit of conditioner in your hair and leave it for about 5-10min before rinsing. This method is not anymore harmful then just straightening or regularly curling your hair.

4.What if I have short hair? If you have short hair, I would not recommend tight curls the size of a pencil, that will give you super short poodley-like hair. Try a bigger size, like 1inch size curls. It will look fabulous! Go to any craft store and find bigger wooden sticks.

5. How do I get my curls longer?You can either not hold the flat iron on the strand as long, or flip your hair upside down and blow dry your hair evenly for about half a minute (depending on your hair type), but be careful doing this as you want just enough to loosen the curls a little, not to take your curls right out! If your hair does not hold curls well having really fine hair, leave it be as during the day the curls loosen on their own. So if your planning on going out that night, do this method a few hrs before, maybe in the afternoon.

For all hair types!
1. Pencil
2. Aluminum Foil- (helps distribute heat evenly)
3. Flat Iron- (with high heat temperatures)

Correction** a lot of people, different races have this type of hair and maybe not as exactly as I described it, I gave it a general mild description.,I didn’t feel like going into detail about it, there’s no need to. This is just a video on how to get this type of hair NO MATTER who you are, what race you are or where your from. In fact it’s irrelevant. So relax people. If you like this hair, here it is, if not, then it’s just not for you. It’s that simple. Who cares about the rest, relax people. I said African American because I originally was inspired by my close friends (who are African American) and have this hair, there’s nothing strange or odd or RACIST about that! Some of ya’ll need to quit trippin… P.S. Sorry, I know my lighting is bad!

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