How to make easy chicken noodle soup

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Welcome to my kitchen today is chicken noodle soup this is a easy recipe.It’s good for when ur sick r even home sick and need that comfort of home.Thanks to everyone enjoy. Recipe Below
1/2- onion
3- celery sticks
2- carrot
1- teaspoon garlic
1- teaspoon basil
1- teaspoon parsley
1- teaspoon black pepper
1- teaspoon seasonning salt
3- cups chicken broth
1- cup water
1-12oz bag of egg noodle
3-chicken breast cut (bite size)pieces

first thing make sure u wash ur ingredints
then slice the celery,onion,carrots and chicken in to bite size pieces
in a pot add a little oil
then add ur chicken pieces let cook about 7 mins
add your basil,parsley,garlic,pepper,seasoning salt
add the carrots,celery,onion let cook 4 mins
add the chicken broth and water bring to a boil
after it starts to boil
add the egg noodles let cook for about 15mins
Their it is easy chicken noodle soup.