Chicken Noodle Soup THE REMIX

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READ ME FIRST Please: This video is meant to be humorous…however it is my comedic reflection on the state of “hip-hop”…so laugh but also don’t miss the point! The first thing that may come to your mind after seeing this video is IGNORANCE…which should ALSO BE THE FIRST thing that comes to your mind when you watch 99% of any music videos that come out! When you have grown men bragging to each other about how Big their RIMS are….or rappers telling our children to be a “College Dropout”….so think about it!

In fact, most of todays popular dances are nothing more than a MINSTREL dance (google it if you don’t know) put under a “fresh” beat. So the purpose of this video is to be humorous but to make YOU THINK about what IGNORANT images, dances, and lifestyles we are selling our people!

Thank you for reading!