Sesame Street – Dogs bake homemade bread

Watch Sesame Street – Dogs bake homemade bread on Prayogs

This is a rare post for me because it’s a Sesame Street segment from the mid to late 90’s. Although I collected tons of 70’s classic segments, I recorded this one because I found it hilarious. This is the funniest “modern” Sesame Street segment I have seen! In fact, the ONLY funny one in my opinion. There were a few of these “dumb dog” segments in the 90’s but this is the only one I have. I’m sure it’s the funniest one though. This video will attract the “younger” Sesame Street fans, who by far out-populate the older fans like me. The proof is the 30 to 60,000 hits the “newer” late 80’s and 90’s segments are getting…..and they were only posted one to two months ago!