**TRIP REPORT** Frontier Airlines | BNA-MCO | A320 | N221FR

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Flight information

flight, 1686
aircraft, Airbus A320-214
aircraft age, 10.7 years old
aircraft name, Bugsy the Tree Frog
registration number, N221FR
livery, old
route, KBNA-KMCO
seat, 6F
departure gate, B12
arrival gate, 1 – 16
scheduled departure time, 4:57PM (CST)
actual departure time, 4:55PM (CST)
scheduled arrival time, 7:47PM (EST)
actual arrival time, 7:13PM (PST)
scheduled duration, 1 hour 50 minutes
actual duration, 1 hour 18 minutes
date, 2/28/18
runways, (BNA, 20R) (MCO, 18R)
comments, This aircraft is ex Philippines Airlines
more comments, I was hoping for more turbulence
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