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How to bake mini pizzas without oven

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Engeri yokufumbamu pizza ku stove/sigiri/ku masiga

1-2cups of flour
1tps sugar
1and ahalf tps yeast
1glass of warm water or milk
Ahalf table spoon of salt
2tps Olive oil

Pizza sauce
400g tomato paste
2tps oregano
2tps basil
1tps lemon juice
(Mix all together and put a side )

Cheese of your choice

You can choose to make a tuna pizza
Or veggie or seafood or minced meat or any taste you want

1.Mix yeast and sugar with water and put a side to rise
2. Add salt and oil in flour
3. Put your fermented water in the flour and form a dough. Work on your dough thoroughly (10 minutes with hands or 5 minutes on a high speed with a machine)
4. Proof the dough with a kitchen towel or a plastic bag and put to rest for 30-45 minutes
5 . Make small balls in the dough
Roll them to make a chapati like structure
6. Cover for 15 minutes

In a non Sticky pan
Layer with Olive oil
Put your mini pizza followed by tomato paste and tuna/Vegtables etc and cheese.
6. Cover well and cook on a low heat for 7-10minites until cheese has melted well.

Bon appetite
Serve warm with a sauce or a sallad
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